7 Deadly Sins & 7 Heavenly Virtues

Most people are familiar with the SEVEN DEADLY SINS, but few know of the VIRTUES designed to counter them!
Here you will find a brief explanation of each of the sins as well as the virtues. According to the Wikipedia online:

“The Roman Catholic church recognized the seven capital virtues as opposites to the Seven Capital Sins or the Seven Deadly Sins. According to Dante‘s The Divine Comedy the sins have an order of greatness, and the virtues a respective order of greatness as well. This order is shown below from the lowest to the highest.”

Sin Virtue
Lust (excessive sexual appetites) Chastity (purity)
Gluttony (over-indulgence) Temperance (self-restraint)
Greed (avarice) Charity (giving)
Sloth (laziness/idleness) Diligence (zeal/integrity/Labor)
Wrath (anger) Forgiveness (composure)
Envy (jealousy) Kindness (admiration)
Pride (vanity) Humility (humbleness)



About Cecilia Staubli

I was born in the State of Paraná, South of Brazil. The arts, in general, have been of great interest to me since I was a child, and it represents a challenge to grasp its essence and its various possibilities, something that absorbed my inner self and engaged me on a long intellectual and pratical research. My Anthroposophycal studies began at the Studiumjahr Goetheanum Institute, in Dornach, Switzerland in 1986. After living a few years in Europe, I went back to Brazil and participated in two Advanced Training Programs within the Anthroposophical Artistic field. One in Artistic Therapy at Paulus Center, and the other, in painting, drawing and composition, at the Art Center, both in São Paulo. As a consequence of these deep experiences, my private atelier has been an active space where I work as an art therapist, art teacher and painter. It is also a place where one will find a permanent exposition of my paintings.

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